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Our Services and Quality Control

Appraisal Types

AccuComp offers appraisal services for your unique situation. No matter which appraisal applies in your situation, we promise to provide the same level of quick and accurate customer service.

Traditional Residential Appraisals

The most common appraisal service we offer meant for standard mortgages and refinances.

Reverse Mortgage Appraisals

We offer appraisals for Home Equity Conversion mortgages (usually referred to as reverse mortgages).

Relocation Appraisals

We can provide appraisals requested by an employer or relocation management company instead of the homeowner.

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At AccuComp we pride ourselves on quality service. We have a system in place to ensure that we consistently produce fast, accurate, and reliable appraisals back to you and your clients.

Quality Review Process


Appraiser uploads the completed report


3rd party tool performs a comprehensive and timely quality control check


Personalized manual review of any edits found


If necessary, sent to the appraiser for correction


AMC completes UCDP uploads


Once it passes our quality threshold, the appraisal is sent to the client

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AccuComp follows the compliance guidelines and regulations for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, FHA, UCDP, USDA, and the Dodd Frank Act. We make sure to keep our appraisers are licensed and certefied with the expertise to let you know if and when there are updates to any of these regulations to make sure your appraisal goes as smoothly as possible.