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Our Process

Appraisal Process

We are committed to surpassing expectations by delivering accurate, quality appraisals with a quick, streamlined process.


Order Submitted

The lender submits an order for an appraisal through their
integrated origination software.


Order Received & Assigned

We receive the order online immediately and review
it. Once reviewed, we assign the order to the best
appraiser for the job based on their expertise.


Order Accepted

The appraiser accepts the order within a few hours of
receiving it.


Inspection Scheduled

The appraiser schedules an appointment to visit the
property within two days.


Inspection Complete

The inspection findings are compiled within a couple of
days after the appraisal.


Appraisal Submitted & Checked

The appraiser submits their completed inspection for
quality control. We check each appraisal against industry
standards and regulations, ensuring accurate appraisals.

Appraisal Complete!

The appraisal is complete. It can be accessed online
by the lender.